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PC Maho

19 February
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I am the cat's curiosity
7th guest, aikido, aleister crowley, allen ginsburg, amélie, anarchy, anime, art, atrus, berkeley, bisexual, bisexual girls, bisexuality, bjork, boys, bsd, catcher in the rye, charles ellik, christopher walken, classical music, clubbing, coding, computer science, computers, cyberpunk, d'ni, dancing, dark city, david copperfield, defcon, ebay, electronic music, electronica, eliphas levi, enigma, equilibrium, erotica, exile, family guy, fight club, fiona apple, full moons, geek, geek boys, geek girls, geeking out, geeks, geoff trenchard, girls, gods, golden dawn, gothic culture, goths, hacker chicks, hacking, haiku, harry potter, hooverphonic, hybrid, illusion, indiana jones, jack kerouac, jamie kennedy, japanimation, jason bayani, knowledge, lain, larp, life, linux, love, mac os x, macintosh, magick, mangos, martin luther king jr., memento, michael jackson, michael moore, mike mcgee, moby, movies, mp3s, multimedia, music, myst, myst 3, native american religion, nerds, nlp, open source, optimism, passion, people, performance art, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, phreaking, poetry, poetry slams, politics, portishead, psychology, radiohead, ravens, rawa, reading, rebt, richard a. watson, riven, roni size, run lola run, rupert estanislao, santa barbara, saul williams, sci-fi, seduction, sex, sexuality, slam, slam poetry, sleep, social engineering, speed seduction, spirited away, spirituality, stage magic, star trek: next generation, star wars, sunsets, supreme beings of leisure, sushi, tea, the beatles, the breakfast club, the simpsons, the suicide kings, thinking, thoughts, tomb raider, tori amos, truth, ucsb, universe, uru, video games, women, writing, x-men